My name is Elias and I'm a 26 years old designer, developer, problem solver and everyday learner currently living in Beijing, China.

I've been managing and developing @Jayne startup as a iOS/Android R&D Engineer, Front-end R&D Engineer and Technology Partner since Aug 2014, and have been loving every second of it.

Before launching my own ventures and diving into Jayne, I was often brought on as the first 'business hire' at startups of all shapes and sizes. I've run development teams, owned product strategy, entered new markets and assessed growth opportunities across the build/buy/partner spectrum. My career started as a development leader for small tech companies.

Since starting as a freelancer in 2017, I've worked with various clients from a range of industries. As a R&D engineer my main goal is to create the best possible experience for as many users as possible. I excel at creating minimal, yet effective visual identities and digital solutions. This includes simple-to-use, human-centered designs as well as intuitive user experience.

While I consider myself a developer first and foremost, I have experience with mobile client, frontend and backend development. Constantly learning and experiencing new things. Other than that I'm passionate about photography and traveling. I enjoy reading about technologies, spending time watching videos on YouTube.

I'm a gamer.

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私は Elias と申します。



Ich heisse Elias und ich bin 26 jahre alt. Sie können mich Lee nennen.

Ich komme aus China. Ich bin ein Software Ingenieur. Mein Hobby ist Musik.