Career Profile

I'm a 24 years old designer, developer, problem solver and everyday learner currently living in Beijing, China.
I'm looking for a Senior iOS/macOS R&D Engineer position in a fresh and dynamic company. I would like to gain the right experience and extend my skills while working in great teams and big projects/applications learning advanced techniques, frameworks and libraries doing courses and working close to other skilled developers.


Lead Developer

2017/11 - ?

Co-foundered by Qihoo 360 and Kunlun.

Lead Developer

2016/02 - 2017/02

Offered fast and professional services using my technologies.

Lead Developer

2015/06 - 2016/02

Team from PayPal.

Developer, Founder

2014/11 - 2015/05

I've been managing and developing @Jayne startup since 2014, and have been loving every second of it.


2010 - ?

While I consider myself a developer first and foremost, I have experience with mobile client, frontend and backend development. Constantly learning and experiencing new things.

Skills & Proficiency












I type on the keyboards and sometimes it makes stuff happen to computers. Then I put it online.

Boom (Github) - 🎢 UITableView and UICollectionView manager with efficient, declarative and type-safe approach.
EASegments (Github) - 🚡 A segments control for iOS.
EasyAttributedString (Github) - ✏️ Make AttributedString much more easier.
Beam (Github) - 🚃 EventBus implementation written in Swift.
Cria (Github) - Eelegant HTTP requests framework for Swift with ❤️ and Alamofire + Promise. ☁️
Pow (Github) - A banner / pop-up displayer for iOS in Swift.
Mint (Github) - 🌿 Human readable HTTP request in Swift.
Substring (Github) - Substring without boilerplate, verbose and complex code.
DynamicKit (Github) - Dynamic Programming Kit
EAKit (Github) - 🐥 A huge collection of swift extensions.
ObjectAssociation (Github) - 🚼 An object association helper for Swift extensions.
SuperAlertController (Github) - ⁉️ An UIAlertController extension
Leaf (Github) - 🍃 A versatile HTTP(s) networking framework written in Swift.
re (Github) - 🔫 Pythonic RegEx library.
UNIXFileSystem (Github) - 📂An UNIX file system framework for iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS platforms.
JustLayout (Github) - 🤥 Sugar for Auto Layout. Generate pure native NSLayoutConstraint.
Oath (Github) - Promise / Future concept for Swift developing.
Sqlable (Github) - Swift ORM framework.
PresentationSettings (Github) - ⚙️ Configuration for UIViewController presentation.
Eventer (Github) - Event bus for iOS.
TableFlow (Github) - 📱 UITableView manager framework for iOS.
Jsonify (Github) - ♨️ A delightful JSON parsing framework.
Fire (Github) - 🔥 A delightful HTTP/HTTPS networking framework for iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS platforms written in Swift.
Every (Github) - ⏱ Elegant Timer in Swift.
InfoPlist (Github) - 📃 Info.plist assistant.
EnumCollection (Github) - 🏅 An Extension for Swift Enum Type.
EasyGCD (Github) - 💯 A tiny library to make using GCD easier.
Circular (iOS) - Commercial
Sanlo Collection (iOS) - Commercial
WeiZi (iOS) - Commercial
ClougWings (iOS) - Commercial
PinkStyle (iOS) - Commercial
GHunter (iOS) - Commercial
Markify (iOS) - Personal
ScreenCall (iOS) - Personal
Glue (iOS) - Personal
RichText Pro (iOS) - Personal
Tertrus (iOS) - Personal
Flying Rabbit (iOS) - Personal
2048 (iOS) - Personal
LeafCam (iOS) - Personal
Elias Abel (macOS) - Personal
iChat Shortcut (macOS) - Personal
CloudPic (macOS) - Personal
Listening (macOS) - Personal
Recently (macOS) - Personal
AssetStudio (macOS) - Personal
Linish (macOS) - Personal
Snip (macOS) - Personal
Pick Pick (macOS) - Personal
Color Parser (macOS) - Personal
ClougWings (Android) - Commercial
Remote Controller (Windows) - Personal
Meniny Toolbox (Windows) - Personal
QQ Sender (Windows) - Personal
TitleChanger (Windows) - Personal
Railscasts Theme (Atom Plugin) - A Railscasts style syntax theme for Atom.
Elias Comments (Atom Plugin) - An Atom package for inserting comments with keyboard shortcut.